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Top Christmas Flowers and What They Mean

Top Christmas Flowers and What They Mean

Christmas is the favourite holiday of most of us with all its magical glory and winter treats. The snowy nights and tall Christmas trees are enough to lift the spirit of everyone, young and old alike. We all know that Christmas is celebrated everywhere, and people like to associate different things with it, whether it is lights or flowers.

Christmas is all about decorating your home with lights, flowers, ornaments, and all the other things to give your place a Christmas-y vibe. Not only that, but gift-giving is a significant part of Christmas and who doesn’t love to give and receive flowers? If you are wondering if there are specific meanings to different flowers, we have it all sorted out for you.

Down below is a comprehensive list of top Christmas flowers and what they mean so that you will have an idea of what your favourite Christmas flower might mean.

So, let’s not waste more time and get to the central part of the article.

Popular Christmas Flowers and Their Meaning

Gifting flowers is the perfect representation of warmth, love, and affection for your loved ones.

Here are the most popular Christmas flowers with their specific meanings that you could give to your friends and family. So you could choose the perfect flowers with a particular purpose depending on your bond with the person.



Carnation is a flower that is perfect for almost any occasion. These flowers are used in various countries for specific events, representing a specific thing for them. Carnation has been associated with motherly love because of the significant Christian legend. Also, white carnations are used by the Netherlands to commemorate veterans and the country's resistance against World War II. Not only that but purple carnations are also considered funeral flowers in France.

Thus, these flowers mean love, distinction and fascination. There are a wide variety of colours in carnation flowers that symbolise different things. There is a reason why these flowers are widely used as Christmas presents all over the world. Here is a list of colours available in carnations and what they symbolise.

  • White carnations: They symbolise luck and purity.

  • Pink: They symbolise gratitude.

  • Light red: They symbolise admiration.

  • Dark red: They symbolise love and affection.

  • Yellow: They symbolise disappointment or rejection.

  • Purple: They symbolise capriciousness.



Rose is one of the world's most widely liked and circulated flowers. It is the perfect gift you could give your loved ones on almost every occasion. Roses are also found in different colours that symbolise different meanings so that you can get your loved one the perfect Christmas rose with a particular hidden purpose. This would be the ideal way to impress someone without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Glastonbury rose is the little white rose that is termed explicitly as the Christmas flower associated with the Christian legend. Roses come in almost every colour imaginable with different symbolisation and meanings. Here is a list of other rose colours and what they symbolise.

  • Red roses: They symbolise love and affection.

  • Pink roses: They symbolise gentleness, sweetness, and grace.

  • White roses: They symbolise peace and purity.

  • Yellow roses: They symbolise platonic love, appreciation, and support.

  • Orange roses: They symbolise passion and enthusiasm.



Freesia flowers are widely used as gifts in various parts of the world and are popular among many cultures. This makes them the perfect Christmas flowers with all their contained beauty and symbolism. Because of their wide popularity, Freesia flowers are widely cross-bred. This is why these flowers have an extensive range of colours, primarily within different shades of red, white, yellow, purple, and pink.

Usually, all colours of freesia symbolise innocence, trust, and purity, but still, different colours represent somewhat different meanings. Don't worry; we are here with the list of freesia colours and what they symbolise to help you choose the perfect gift of freesia flowers for your loved ones this Christmas.

  • White freesias: They symbolise innocence and purity. These are the most widely used wedding flowers as they represent the bride's holiness and the trust between the couple.

  • Multi-coloured: They symbolise friendship and thoughtfulness.

  • Pink freesias: They symbolise motherly love.

  • Red freesias: They symbolise passion.

  • Yellow freesias: They symbolise renewal, joy, and friendship.



Alstroemeria is a long-lasting flower used as a Christmas gift by many people. Also, it is found in different colours that symbolise other things, which makes it the perfect present that you could get your loved ones on this memorable holiday. This flower represents a miniature lily, which is why it is also called a Peruvian lily.

Alstroemeria flower generally means devotion and friendship. It has impressive leaves that grow upside down, twisting from the stem as they grow. This is why they are a great representation of companies with all their twists and turns. This flower also symbolises wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Below is the list of various colours of alstroemeria and what they mean.

  • White alstroemerias: They symbolise pure love and friendship.

  • Yellow alstroemerias: They symbolise happiness, optimism, energy, and joy.

  • Pink alstroemerias: They symbolise romance, gentle feelings, and love.

  • Orange alstroemerias: They symbolise positive energy and passion.

  • Red alstroemerias: They symbolise passion, love, and romance.

  • Purple alstroemeria: They symbolise elegance and grace.

Rounding up

Nothing is a better gift than flowers as they have specific meaning and symbolism and are beautiful to look at and refreshing to sniff. So, this Christmas, you must get some flowers for your loved ones to display your love and affection for them. You can choose the ideal flower for your loved ones from the above-mentioned top Christmas flowers with their meanings, or a mix of different flowers for a unique bouquet.

Having assembled the most precious and popular Christmas flowers for you in the list above so that you don’t have to worry about the gift-giving part of your Christmas this year. So, choose your flowers and get them delivered in no time.

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