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The Blooming Calendar: Most Popular Flowers Month-to-Month for Gifting

Flowers have been a timeless and cherished gift for centuries. Whether it's a special occasion or just a spontaneous gesture of love and affection, flowers have the power to convey emotions and brighten anyone's day. In the United Kingdom, the popularity of different flowers can vary from month to month, influenced by seasonal availability, cultural traditions, and personal preferences. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through the most popular flowers month-to-month for gifting in the UK.

January: Snowdrops and Carnations

As the new year dawns, January brings with it the delicate beauty of snowdrops. These tiny, white flowers symbolise hope and purity, making them a perfect choice to kickstart the year with positive intentions. Carnations are another popular choice in January, available in various colour and often associated with admiration and love.

February: Roses

February is the month of love, and there's no flower more synonymous with romance than the rose. Red roses are particularly in demand around Valentine's Day, symbolising love and passion. However, you can choose from a variety of rose colours to convey different sentiments, such as pink for gratitude or yellow for friendship.

March: Daffodils

As spring starts to bloom, daffodils burst onto the scene in March. Their bright yellow petals and cheerful demeanor make them a symbol of new beginnings and hope. In the UK, March 1st is celebrated as St. David's Day, and daffodils are often associated with this Welsh holiday.

April: Freesias

In the United Kingdom, the most popular month for freesias is typically April. Freesias are known for their captivating fragrance and vibrant, funnel-shaped blossoms, making them a sought-after choice as spring arrives. Their delicate appearance and sweet scent make them a delightful gift for various occasions, including birthdays and weddings. As April heralds the arrival of spring, freesias are in full bloom, adding a burst of colour and fragrance to gardens and floral arrangements across the country. So, if you're looking to gift or enjoy the beauty of freesias in their prime, April is the perfect month to do so.

May: Tulips

Tulips are a quintessential spring flower, and they come in a rainbow of colours. Their elegant simplicity and versatility make them a top choice for Apri/lMay. Different tulip colours carry various meanings, with red symbolising love and white signifying forgiveness.

June: Roses and Peonies

June continues the reign of roses, especially as summer weddings become more common. Peonies also come into full bloom in June, offering a lush and romantic option. Their large, ruffled petals are a symbol of prosperity, and they make stunning arrangements for weddings and special occasions.

July: Sunflowers

July's sunny weather is perfectly complemented by the vibrant and cheerful sunflower. These towering blooms symbolize adoration and loyalty, making them a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones during the summer months.

August: Gladiolus and Larkspur

August offers a choice between two striking flowers. Gladiolus, with its tall spikes of colourful blooms, symbolises strength and moral integrity. Larkspur, on the other hand, is known for its captivating spikes of blue, pink, or purple flowers and represents an open heart.

September: Asters

As autumn approaches, asters take centre stage in September. These daisy-like flowers come in various shades and are associated with love and patience. They are a charming choice for birthday bouquets and other September celebrations.

October: Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, or "mums" for short, are a beloved autumn flower and a symbol of optimism and joy. They come in a wide range of colours and are often given as gifts for birthdays and special occasions in October.

November: Poppies

The vibrant red poppy is synonymous with remembrance in the UK. November 11th is Remembrance Day, and people wear poppies as a symbol of respect for those who lost their lives in war. Poppies are a meaningful and patriotic gift during this month.

December: Holly and Poinsettias

December is synonymous with Christmas, and two classic festive plants dominate this month. Holly, with its bright red berries and deep green leaves, is associated with hope and goodwill. Poinsettias, with their rich red and green foliage, are a symbol of celebration and are often used to decorate homes during the holiday season.

In the United Kingdom, flowers are not just gifts; they are expressions of love, emotions, and traditions that vary with the changing seasons. By choosing the right flower for the right month, you can add a personal touch to your gift and make it even more special. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a spontaneous gesture, the language of flowers never goes out of style.

Author - Stephen Crowther

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