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Six Most Amazing Flower Colours for Valentine’s Day

Six Most Amazing Flower Colours for Valentine’s Day

The Day for lovebirds is just around the corner when we surprise our loved ones with Valentine's Day unique gifts like exotic dinners, cards, and chocolates. However, flowers are the most traditional and thoughtful gift to give on Valentine's Day as they express your feelings to your loved ones.

Colours play a meaningful role when selecting flowers for your partner on Valentine's Day; it is suggested that you always pick the right colour that reflects your feeling. Traditionally red and pink flowers are the two hues that are very well associated with Valentine’s Day around the globe; however, many other colours can help you express your feeling correctly. Here are six colours you can use this year to display your purest emotions to your partner.   

Little Background of the Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated every year in memory of Saint Valentine, a priest from Rome who is also known as the Saint of Romance. Valentine used to marry roman soldiers with their partners in secret.

Saint Valentine was imprisoned as it was illegal for soldiers to get married in the Roman Empire. Roman emperors did not allow their soldiers to get married as it affected their efficiency. 

It is believed that the saint was tortured and decapitated by the Roman authorities on February 14th. After centuries from the eighteenth century, people celebrated February 14th as Valentine’s Day for the saint’s great effort for love.

During the early eighteenth century, Valentine's Day was celebrated with hand-written greeting cards and letters; however, the nineteenth century witnessed a great boom in gifting flowers that people used to buy to express their feelings to their special ones.

The Powerful Lilac or Purple Flowers

The purple colour has many nuances, from rich hues to muted violets; you get dozens of options when you opt for purple flowers. Purple colour is associated with sophistication, respect and royalty; hence it can be a perfect gift for someone you respect and admire. 

Purple colour has many connections; it is deeply rooted in tradition and also connected with mystery, so if you secretly love someone, you can also give them purple carnations to let them know your true feelings. Lavenders are the ones that young couples can share because of their association with youth. A beautiful mixed bouquet of light and rich coloured purple flowers can certainly create memorable magic this Valentine's Day. 

Pure White Flowers

White flowers on Valentine’s Day can be a winning choice as they are simple and sophisticated. To make a striking look for your bouquet, make a classic contrast of white flowers mixed with traditional red ones to make it look more appealing yet simple.

White roses or lilies can be a perfect pick to give someone you have just started meeting. White colour represents innocence, purity and beauty; these flowers are the purest way to show genuine emotions. You can also share these flowers with someone you want to reunite with and recommit after a small breakup.

Passionate Orange Flowers

It may sound bizarre, but orange can also be a great choice to give on Valentine's Day to those with a zest for life. Orange hues are linked with enthusiasm, passion and excitement; these colourful flowers can be a grand gesture to reflect that you love the spark and energy of your relationship. 

It also goes well with playfulness, so if you want to raise the temperature, give your partner orange flowers this year to make them aware of the playful vibe.

Brightening Yellow Flowers

Yellow is associated with brightness and light, like the sun; it is traditionally linked with friendship and compassion. People who want to celebrate their relationship always send these vibrant hues to their partners. Yellow symbolises kindness, trust and positivity, so if you want to change your friendship into an intimate relationship, yellow should be your natural choice to give this Valentine's Day.

You can also buy flowers for your friends on Valentine's Day; nothing can be better than these bright yellow flowers. You can try daffodils, yellow tulips and roses to make a unique yet beautiful flower bouquet.  

Romantic Red Flowers

Ask someone what the synonym of Valentine's Day you will get only one answer; red Roses. Roses are used worldwide as an ultimate Valentine's Day gift. Nothing can create the magic red flowers make on this special occasion. Red is deeply associated with love, romance and passion; it is also the colour of the heart that loves, so what else can you use to share your emotions with your loved ones? Red flowers can become your expression if you want to display your long-lasting love and desire for someone.

Blush Pink Flowers

Pink is also known as the colour of love, like red; pink flowers are primarily used in Valentine's Day unique bouquets. These fresh modern shades of pink give a sense of sophistication and simplicity. Pink is generally associated with innocence and sensitivity; if you want to disclose your hidden feelings for someone, then pink flowers would be an ideal choice to express your feelings. 

It also symbolises unconditional love, so if you have the purest emotions for someone, be it your spouse, partner or even a friend, give them a sweet pink bouquet of roses or tulips and make them feel loved.

Final Thoughts

We know it’s pretty stressful to choose which colour of flowers to give to your dear ones on this particular occasion, so we have found this guide for you to pick the right colour to represent your feelings. These are the most running colourful options to consider when sending flowers as a token of love for Valentine's Day. If you are still confused, just log on to the Guernsey Flowers website and choose the best flower for your feeling. You can also send flowers to your loved ones and make excellent floral arrangements for an exotic dinner with multicoloured flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

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