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How to Decor your Home with Fresh Flowers? 7 ideas for Home Decoration

How to Decor your Home with Fresh Flowers? 7 ideas for Home Decoration

Home is no less than heaven, and every person wishes to decorate it beautifully. Decorating a home with fresh flowers is a creative yet exciting task. Flowers give a pleasant look to your home. The fragrance of flowers makes the environment calm and soothing, and it gives positive vibes. Although fresh flowers' life is short, they can still add value to your life with their presence.

Flowers can be decorated indoors as well as outdoors. It depends on the person how he wants to decorate his home, but if you are confused and don't know where to start, don't worry. Guernsey Flowers by post is here to help you find the best Fresh flowers for your home. Being one of the top florists in the UK, they have a diverse range of fresh flowers to make your day.

Let's dive into this article and know some helpful tips for decorating your home.

1. Bedroom Decor 

A bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time. The fragrance and presence of flowers make the room's environment calm and soothing. It gives positive vibes and makes the room more satisfactory after a hectic day. Place a flower pot on a bedside table alongside the books and a bedside lamp. Make sure to opt for flowers according to your taste.

Flowers in the bedroom describe your personality; either you want to go with bright and vibrant colours or see the light and pastel colours in the morning.

Guernsey Flowers by Post has an incredible flower bouquet of Isles of Scilly Mixed Pinks. The beautiful aromas of red and pink fresh flowers will maximise the beauty of your bedroom and give you the first satisfying look in the morning.


2. Entryway Tables Decor

 Your entryway table should look stunning because it is the first thing someone notices. The arrangement of the entryway table should be eye-catching. The floral centre piece is perfect for entryway decor. It brightens up the surroundings and creates a welcoming effect. 

Fields of Guernsey Bouquet could be the best option for entrance decoration. The beautiful yellow colour flowers will light up the whole entrance.


4. Dining Table Decor 

The dining table is the most crucial part of your home. It is where all the family members gather to make their day enjoyable. The dining table is not only assigned for food; you can give it a creative look by placing Eye-catchy Fresh flowers bouquets on the table.

 Guernsey flowers by post have unique Pastel Bouquets for dining table decoration; the sweet smelly flowers will give you a new sense of smell while making your family time more beautiful.


5. Hallway Decor

While entering your home, the hallway will be the first sight observed by guests. It could be decorated in the best possible way to make the hallway more pleasing. You can place a large vase with beautiful fresh flower bouquets with some painting or sculpture on the table. 

You should keep the hallway space in your mind while setting the table there. If you have a large area, a Centre table will be good. Otherwise, a table in the corner with decoration will attract the guest's interest.

For the hallway, you should go with light purple or blue colour flowers, as these colours are striking and will be admired by people. For this purpose, you can select Guernsey Freesias, the beautiful mixture of long-tailed purple & blue freesias. These colours will create a perfect look for your hallway, thus making it a glorious hallway.


6. Living room Decor

 The living room is where you spend most of your day, either lonely or with family. Don't ignore this place while decorating your home. 

You can Decor your living space with Classic White Bouquets in a round vase with complimentary sculptures or books on the table. Fresh White flowers will make the air fresh and brighten up the whole area.

Also, you can change your living room theme with the season and change the fresh flowers according to season to give the area a new and creative look every season.


7. Kitchen Decor

People usually ignore their kitchen while decorating their interior. But it would be best if you did not forget the importance of the kitchen. As you have heard, the less is the maximum so that you can illuminate your kitchen with little effort. You must go with some bright yellow or orange colours, and they will spice up your kitchen area.

Indian Summer Bouquets will be the best option for kitchen purposes because of their entire daisy look of freesias, carnations, lily flowers, and chrysanthemums.

Before putting the flowers in the kitchen, you must research which flower would grow best in the heated kitchen. Otherwise, you can extend the flower's life by changing their water daily.


Some Quick Fix Decor with Fresh Flowers

Apart from decorating your rooms and hallways, you can do some quick fix decor to make your home more exciting and pleasant.


1- Coffee Table Décor

A single vase of flowers or a white tray with flowers or a white tray with greenery looks fantastic on a coffee table. The perfect floral arrangements make the environment more pleasant and comfortable.


2- Make Garlands and Place them all around the Home

Make garlands of fresh flowers and place them above the bedroom door or the fireplace mantel.


3- Outdoor Decor 

Utilise some bottles of different sizes and shapes. Put some flowers in bottles and hang them. You can use traditional and classic pots for better floral arrangements.


4- Empty Space Decor 

If there is a space, fill it with attractive floral arrangements. It brightens the room and makes it festive. A grouping of cherry blossoms with a transparent glass vase is a good option.


Wrap Up

Colours add beauty to a home, and the presence of flowers even creates a sense of love and togetherness. The aroma of flowers improves the mood and signals positive energy by reducing stress and promoting health. 

Are you wondering where to buy fresh flowers? Make Guernsey Flowers by post your priority, because they are the best dealers of fresh flowers all around the UK

Author - Stephen Crowther

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