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How to Arrange Flowers Like a Florist? Creating A DIY Arrangement Like a Floral Wizard!

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Florist? Creating A DIY Arrangement Like a Floral Wizard!

Want to send a bunch of freshly plucked flowers from your garden to a loved one? 

Or, maybe, you just want to experience the whiff of the sweet aroma in your favourite corner of the home with them. But you don't know how to make the flowers presentable enough to blow your mind and freshen up the mood. 

Arranging the flowers like a florist can seem a bit unrealistic expectation. But, tell you what? Floral arrangement is more like an art. With a little effort and practice, you, too, can DIY a bouquet or vase like a pro. We'll tell you 'how.'

So, are you all set to make and enjoy your beautiful floral creation? Let’s go!


Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Professional-Looking Flower Arrangement 

Flower arrangement is more than just tossing some flowers into a vase. You must bring up your artistic side and be creative with the colour scheme, design, and arrangement. 

Like any other thing on this planet, a little planning goes a long way while arranging flowers. 

Below we’ll walk you through some simple steps you can follow to create an enchanting flower arrangement. Shall we?


Step 1. Gather Your Supplies 

There’d be no flower arrangement without any flowers, right?

So, you need to obtain some fresh flowers, greenery, and other required tools and materials to create a perfect floral piece. 

Here’s the list of supplies you require: 

  • A handful of fresh flower stems (25-30, in case you need us to quantify it)

  • Greenery 

  • Chicken wire / Flower frog 

  • Floral knife / Shears

  • Hydrogen peroxide 

  • Table sugar

  • Lemon juice / White vinegar 

When purchasing flowers, whether from a supermarket, flower market or plucked from your garden, it's always important to grab the freshest ones.

The best time to pluck the finest flowers from your lawn or garden is the earliest in the morning when dew kisses your beauties and pours life into them. When it comes to choosing the colour palette, go for pastels and contrast them with some darker hues to make the final look pop. 

You can also choose the right flowers for the occasion if you create an arrangement for a special occasion.


While there's no right or wrong method of pairing flowers, you can create a unique floral piece by organizing the blooms of different colours, shades, and sizes with your own sense of styling. 

You can create a layered-up look by mixing and matching some soft-to-touch and hard-stemmed flowers and blooms of different forms and textures. 

Pro tip: Don’t be too picky while you gather your blooms; it might spoil the fun. Just pick the ones your heart will enjoy while arranging. 



Step 2. Prep Your Flowers 

We know you tried your best to wake up early, cut those dewy stems, or buy garden-fresh flowers from the market. 


Before arranging your flowers, it's always better to hydrate them for an hour at least. Once you have allowed them to hydrate themselves, you can create a prim and proper look by removing extra leaves, withered petals, and unwanted buds.

Trim the stem of your flowers diagonally using the shears or a sharp floral knife. And soak these stems in a water-filled pot that contains cut flower food. 

The ideal length of your flower stems and greens has to be 1.5-2x lengthier than the vessel.

If you’re wondering what flower food is, it is nothing complicated but a mixture of bleach, lemon juice, and sugar. 

You can make this flower preservative by taking 4 tablespoons of all the ingredients and mixing some of its quantity into tepid water. You can keep the rest for your future floral endeavours. 


Step 3. Pick Your Vase or Vessel

Now you have done your flower preparation part. So, it’s time to choose a vessel that will complement the floral arrangement you have in your mind. 

Your vessel selection totally depends on the kind of flowers you have chosen. Soft-stemmed flowers, e.gtulips, will often require a straight-sided vase. On the other hand, heavy top flowers will require a weighted vessel. 

Usually, a 5-inch wide vessel is perfect for 25-30 floral stems. 

For novice flower enthusiasts, we’d suggest going for unclear vessels so that if the floral arrangement doesn’t look aesthetic inside or the water gets murky, it doesn’t waiver your confidence. 


Step 4: Make Your Vessel Ready to be Adorned 

Your vessel is the foundation or stage of your flower. 

If you don't pick the right stage for your flowers, they won't stay put, or in shape you want them to be. 

After choosing the suitable vessel, you can begin by creating a grid with clear tape, flower frog, or chicken wire to create a proper structure for arrangement. 


Step 5: Begin the Arrangement.

Finally, it’s time to create an eye-catchy flower arrangement.

You can start decorating all the beautiful stuff in the vessel. Begin with creating a base with greenery. Adding greenery at the perimeter of the vase creates a required diameter to support the flowers. While adding the greenery in the middle will add height.

Next, add your foundation flowers. You can start with fewer stems initially and then aim to fill the gaps with filler flowers. You can view your arrangement's overall shape by constantly turning the vessels and evaluating the whole look – until you're happy with the final look.

Make sure your flowers are not squished, buried,  or don’t look stuffed. Finish the arrangement with a light spritz of water.


Parting Thoughts: 

There you have it! You just created a professional-looking flower arrangement. Add your creation to the corner that needs a touch of beauty with a sweet aroma, or send it to the person with a heartfelt note. Whatever you like to do with it.

Christmas is around the corner. With practice and attention to detail, you'll be an expert with your fresh floral arrangements for the forthcoming Christmas.

Author - Stephen Crowther

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