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Flowers for Gifts | How to Choose the Right Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers for Gifts | How to Choose the Right Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers are an essential ecosystem element and have drawn people to them since ancient times. They are also referred to as "nature's beauty." Flowers have a significant impact on how humans express their emotions. These make ideal gifts for any person, whether they are a loved one, friend, or family member. They convey feelings of Love, adoration, joy, and grief.

Also, Fresh Flowers are used on Wedding or Festive occasions, such as white roses and house flowers that last long (alstroemerias, carnations, chrysanthemums).

Let's identify how we can select Fresh Flowers as a gift

Fresh Flowers as Gifts

The best gifts that nature has given us are flowers. Their presence makes us happy. They serve as both an inspiration and a subject for poetry. The best painters have recognised the beauty of a flower in their creations. Flowers are frequently offered to God because they represent purity. Flowers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hues.

Flowers as Representation of Emotions

The primary motivation behind flower presents is to evoke a feeling. Whether it's to express Love, joy, compassion, admiration, sympathy, romance, or apologies, sending flowers is the most beautiful way to express the strongest emotions. 

According to some, no custom is as efficient in expressing human emotions as giving flowers or bouquets. Decades of study and mythology drawn from various cultures support it.

The flower type, colour, and arrangement will ultimately determine the feelings communicated between the donor and the recipient. Flowers are a universal representation of Love and care. But these can easily be emphasised or made more evident to make the gift more appropriate for any occasion.

Best Flowers to Gift your Loved Ones

As we all know, when it comes to gifting something to our loved ones, flowers come first to mind. Either the bouquets or bouquets with gifts, flowers will always compliment your Love for people.

Here are some most demanding flowers chosen for gifts


Roses are ideal for any situation or event; frequently found in bouquets and incredibly well-liked on Valentine's Day, the rose is the epitome of feeling!

For all types of celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries, and other events, roses have always been the best option to meet the demands and desires of both the celebrant and the recipient.

The renowned playwright William Shakespeare reportedly remarked, "Rose by any other name would smell as good." But before giving a rose as a gift, it's essential to do your study because each rose has a different meaning. For example

  • Red Roses: Symbolise Love and Romance, especial for lovers

  • White Roses: Purity & Innocence, especially for weddings

  • Yellow Roses: Loyalty & Sincerity called as Colours of friendship

  • Orange Roses: Bold & Vibrant for self-love

  • Peach Roses: Gratitude & Gratefulness, especially for business colleagues

  • Lavender Roses: Mystery &Wonders, best for Love at first sight


The orchid is one of the elegant and exotic plants in the flower world. Three petals, three sepals, and a column make them distinctive. Orchids are frequently linked to romance, elegance, wealth, and purity. 

The Greeks and Romans frequently connected vigour and Love with orchids in antiquity. Even eating orchids was believed to have several fertility-related advantages in Greek society.

Orchids were regarded as a sign of affluence throughout the Victorian era. They are produced worldwide and frequently come with flower bouquets and gift baskets. The flower's appeal is amplified when the ideal type and shade of orchid is chosen for the ideal situation or connection.

Like Roses, the colours of Orchids also have hidden meanings. For example,

  • Blue Orchids: Known as the colour of Rarity

  • Green Orchids: Symbolise the Good Fortune & Blessing

  • White Orchids: Thoughts as a mark of Elegance & Beauty

  • Yellow Orchids: Represents Friendship and Happiness

  • Pink Orchids: Symbol of Femininity & joy

  • Orange Orchids: Mark as the colour of Bold & Pride


Tulips are known as the wildlife flower of Central Asia. The most popular and widely recognized flowers on the planet, tulips are distinguished by their vivid colours. 

There are numerous hidden floral symbols associated with the tulip. Despite being a member of the lily family, tulips are most recognized for representing "Perfect love" in general, whereas lilies stand for "Purity."

But every colour of Tulips is full of deep meanings. Like

  • White Tulips: Symbol of Respect and purity, best to give as an apology or religious event.

  • Red Tulips: Romance and Love, especially for loved ones

  • Yellow Tulips: Mark of Cheerfulness and good luck; better to wish someone on their journey

  • Purple Tulips: Represents Royalties for brides' bouquets

  • Pink Tulips: Affections & Likeness, send to friends to show your Love


People of ancient times thought of lilies as a medical treatment. But with time, lilies have shown their colour and beauty to people.

Generally, the gift of lilies means royalty, purity, and passion. However, the meaning varied from colour to colour of lilies.

Let's explore the hidden secrets of lilies and their colours

  • White Lily: Shows Virtue, peace, and purity

  • Yellow lily: Symbol of thankfulness and joy

  • RED Lily: Symbol of Love

  • Orange lilies: Symbol of pride and boldness


Chrysanthemums are commonly known as mums. Mums signify rebirth and respect. Various mums are available, and each has a specific meaning. It is essential to have prior knowledge of chrysanthemums before giving them to someone. The different varieties symbolise different emotions.

  • Violet Mums represent good luck

  • White Mums symbolise purity and innocence

  • Red Mums represent Love and passion

  • Yellow Mums symbolise friendship

Chrysanthemums bouquets are suitable for baby showers and birthdays.


As we all know, Flowers are primarily used to create bouquets, garlands, wreaths, and other floral arrangements. Also, they are often used to make cosmetics and perfume, but their best possible use could be a gift to others. Buy a perfect bouquet from Guernsey Flowers by Post and make your loved ones happy and satisfied.

Author - Stephen Crowther

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