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Engaging Wedding Hairstyle with Fresh Flowers That Will Sweep Him Off His Feet

Engaging Wedding Hairstyle with Fresh Flowers That Will Sweep Him Off His Feet

Women have been adorning themselves with flowers for ages. The different stylings and vibrant floral colours give a unique and elegant look. Flowers have always been crucial for brides, and they use fresh flowers for jewellery and hair accessories.

Guernsey flowers by post are not lighting up your events with their fresh flower collection but also making brides happy by offering flowers to use as accessories.

There are different styles for different occasions, and it entirely depends on what you're wearing, and it should match the attire and your personality.

Let's look at how the fresh flowers of Guernsey Flowers by post can make your day.


Hairstyles with Fresh Flowers


1) Floral Crowns

A wedding theme is incomplete without flowers. From decorations to bouquets, you will see floral arrangements. These floral crowns, headpieces, and floral wreaths are trendy for brides, bridesmaids, grandmas, and flower girls.

For floral crowns, you can use Alderney Bouquet; its creamy and lilac theme will blow up the bride's charm.

There are different floral wreaths for summer and winter weddings. These unique headpieces give a natural beauty to all ceremonies, from bohemian to whimsical and rustic to beachy.


2) Try Hollywood Charm

If you want to don flowers in your hair for a chicer and more unique look, try this one! The easy yet stylish hairstyle will give you a decent look. You can choose any flowers, but the Fields of Guernsey bouquet will enhance the bridal beauty. The bouquet is a mixture of yellow, pink, and purple flowers; you can select the right one according to your taste.


3) Bun Beauty

Putting flowers in buns is not new, but it has been one of the leading hair accessories when women tie their hair in a bun. Hair buns look incomplete without flowers. 

Use a monochromatic theme like  Classic White Beauty that matches your top or shoes, or you can put a floral arrangement according to your whole look. A fragrant flower is a bonus as it gives off a fresh aroma and will work as a perfume.


4) Some Bloom with Braids

It is a formal hairstyle, so you can adorn your braid with small florals. It is a perfect look when going on a date or night out. The braids are different, from fishtails to French braids and up-dos. A little creativity enhances the beauty of braids. 

You can place flowers anywhere in the braid, such as behind the ears, along the braid, or at the bottom. If you are still confused about how to style flowers in the braid, use Pastel Bouquet and place the most extended pieces of flowers, i.e., freesias, at the front of the face and tiny flowers, i.e., chrysanthemums or greenery, in a braid.


5) Half Up-Do

It is a breathtaking hairstyle that adds elegance and glamor to the look. The petals should be tucked in where the upper bulk of your hair will be gathered and pinned. Always use small flowers for braiding and big blooms for a focal style. 

To create a Greek goddess look, Isles of Scilly mixed with Pinks with some greenery will be a perfect choice.


6) Beautiful Floral Headbands

A floral headband is no less than a queen's crown. You don't need to style your hair for a headband. Get an eye-catching headband and wear it. Choose baby's breath or Mixed Colourful Carnation for your headband. The beautiful flowers will give a sophisticated look.


7) Adorn your Messy hairstyle with Flowers

A messy hairstyle always needs perfection, though it is messy. If you are not fond of giant flowers, you can add small floral trimmings of Mixed Alstroemeria to embellish your hairstyle. Add small flowers into the mess of your curls, and your look will be breathtaking!


8) Tuck flowers to one side of the face

It is a simple yet stylish way to wear flowers. The floral side headpiece makes the best choice for side-swept hairstyles. Wear multiple flowers and colours, Guernsey Freesias, or go simple with a single flower and petals of Indian summer.


9) Floral Waterfall

It is a unique and more flowery style for those who love flowers.Braid your hair, take ribbons longer than your hair size, and thread them through the spaces in the braid. Place flowers of Bright Colored Bouquets above stripes, and this floral hairstyle will give a fantastic waterfall of hair and ribbons style.


Floral Accessories

There are other options if you don't want to wear flowers directly in your hair at your wedding.



The flowers should be small and light. It gives a fairytale-like vibe if done correctly. Take your veil, which is made of mesh with small holes, and adorn it with beautiful tiny flowers


Cordelia Clips

It is the best option if you want flowers by ear. Take a large or small flower (if a bouquet, tie it with a small string or ribbon). Place them in a barrette hole and then in your hair and clip it closed. The clip will help hold the flowers in place.


Floral Hair Combs

Take a metal hair comb, and you can purchase them from any store. Take a flower of your choice or that suits your dress and a bit of greenery. Make a beautiful hair comb for yourself with multiple colours and combinations.


Wrap Up

Guernsey flowers by post provide fresh flowers bouquets, or you can get customised one of your choices. You can bring creativity in your wedding attire with flowers. Apart from brides, bridesmaids can also use above mentioned looks. Create an up-do hairstyle, embellish it with beautiful flowers, and rock your day with us.

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