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Ditch Red Roses for these Romantic Valentine's Day Flowers

Ditch Red Roses for these Romantic Valentine's Day Flowers

Red roses might be considered the designated Valentine's day flowers, but you should know that your options are wider than roses only. If your beloved is not much of a fan of red roses or you can't find any red roses, switch to other romantic flower options.

Undoubtedly, red roses are considered the traditional valentine's day flower, symbolizing love; everyone these days expects much more than something traditional. There are a variety of romantic flower options that you can choose from, which will be equally the symbol of love and loyalty for your beloved.

Don't let red roses dull your valentine's sparkle this year, and let yourself be more creative and unique with the flowers you will be gifting your valentine. So, consider getting these romantic flowers mentioned below.

Most Romantic Valentine's Day Flowers

Have you decided that you will not stick to traditional red roses this valentine? If so, you have made the right decision and will surely not regret it. Here are some of the most romantic valentine's day flowers that you can choose from.


Lilies are flowers that symbolize love, prosperity, and wealth. There is not a single thing in these three symbolizations that you might not want to wish upon your loved one. Therefore, lilies are considered bold when it comes to being a valentine's day flower. They create a whole atmosphere of love and romance, making them the perfectly bold romantic flower.

Lilies have always been associated with love, femininity, devotion, and purity. Thus, you will never be wrong while providing your girl partner with the most fragrant reminder of your love and commitment. So, it is time that you choose the perfect type and combination of lilies this year to surprise your beloved.


Freesias are widely loved springtime flowers adored by people worldwide for their colours and delicacy. These flowers are known by the nickname 'ballerina', inspired by the delicate and dainty shape of flowers grown on a long, lush stem. Freesias are quite elegant, which makes them the perfect romantic flowers to give to your partner. Even though the main symbolism of freesias is friendship and loyalty, pink freesias have always represented love and femininity.

Therefore, there is no denying that freesias are the perfect gift to give to your girlfriend, lady best friend, sister, or mother. Freesias have a strong perfumey scent that will engulf all your space, making you feel fresh. Red, pink, and white freesias have a great fragrance and would be the perfect gift for your valentine with all its beautiful glory.


Pink carnations are quite a popular mother's day flower, but red carnations are the perfect valentine's day flowers and are a considerable and unique replacement for red roses. It symbolizes deep love, affection, and admiration. Not only red carnations but white carnations can also be given as a gift to your valentine because it symbolizes pure love or good luck.

Carnations are also the first wedding anniversary flowers which explains their importance as a romantic flower symbolizing love or a romantic relationship. One thing you must ensure while choosing carnations is to select the right one. You will not want to give your partner yellow carnations that symbolize disdain or rejection or striped carnations representing refusal. Therefore, you must be vigilant while choosing carnations for your beloved.


Orchids are exotic flowers that represent luxury. Even though these flowers are non-traditional and are not usually circulated as Valentine's day presents, they can surely be a notable exception. Orchids are one of the most beautiful and delicate flowers you can give your loved ones. This romantic flower symbolizes the sparking of romance between you and your partner and blooming love.

Orchids also symbolize hope, luck, and love. These flowers come in different types and colours, giving you various options. If you want to ditch the traditional red roses this valentine's day, orchids might be a viable option.


Alstroemeria or the 'Peruvian Lily' is quite a bold flower to give to your partner. It is the type of flower that will surely make a statement and make your partner feel more special. Even though Alstroemeria is considered a friendship flower, it is associated with devotion; this gives these flowers a romantic angle and makes it the budding romance flower to give to your date this valentine's day.

Moreover, Alstroemeria also comes in various colours, from pastel to bright colours, and you will find every colour that you or your beloved might like. Therefore, it is time that you surprise your partner with one of the most romantic and beautiful flowers other than red roses to get unique with your gifts. Choose the perfect Alstroemeria bouquet, and you will surely not be disappointed.

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Final Words

Now you know that it is not necessary that you have to stick to red roses while celebrating valentine’s day as you have plenty of other options. Don’t let your valentine’s day gift get too obvious, expected, and boring, and give your partner a chance to be thrilled and surprised with this year's romantic flower choice. 

The only thing you have to do is ensure that you choose the right colour and type of flower so that you don't choose the flowers that will convey the wrong message to your beloved. So, do your research.

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