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Bespoke Funeral Flower Arrangements for Churches and Crematoriums

Bespoke Funeral Flower Arrangements for Churches and Crematoriums

Sending flowers at funerals is not a new tradition. In the West, it is a common practice, and they are considered an emblem of remembrance, love, and care. It is difficult to console someone who has lost a loved one, and one becomes short of words. Here flowers play their role and express one’s feelings and emotions. 


Guernsey Flowers by post deliver a quiet range of flowers for funerals and cremations. It is a bit perplexing which flowers should be purchased for flowers and which floral arrangements are suitable for funerals. One must be aware of specific floral designs for condolences and discuss them with your florist, who might help you with funeral bouquets.


Flowers For Funerals

You could use various flowers for funerals, but a few are most recommended and discussed here with their significance.


1) Lilies

Lilies are the most commonly used flowers for funerals. The Lilies represent hope and renewal. You can create any floral arrangement that matches the funeral theme, but a traditional look is preferable to other floral designs.


2) Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are symbols of death. In America, it is considered a sign of virtue. When placed with other flowers, mums look unique and more significant than that other flower. You may combine them with roses and lavender for a decent chrysanthemum bouquet.


3) Carnations

Carnations are of various colors, and each color has its meaning.

  • Pink carnations: symbol of remembrance

  • White carnations: symbol of purity and innocence

  • Red carnations symbolize appreciation

Carnations have been on earth for decades, and people often use them for funerals. There is no need to pair carnations with other blooms because they look fascinating without them on their own. But if you want to combine other flowers, you have an option to do so. Carnations are a perfect choice to welcome guests at funerals.


4) Roses

You might wonder how flowers would be a better choice for funeral bouquets. But trust me, no other flower expresses sentiments more than roses. The various colours of roses represent different meanings.


  • Dark red roses represent sorrow and grief

  • Yellow roses represent friendship

  • White roses represent purity

  • Pink roses symbolize love and grace

  • Red roses represent appreciation and love


You will observe roses at every other funeral. The most widely used are white and red roses. Red roses are the best choice for funerals because they signify love and appreciation. In most countries, people plant roses in remembrance of departed souls.


Floral Arrangements Ideas for Funeral

 If you find it challenging to arrange funeral flowers and it gives you a hard time choosing floral arrangements, this article is for you to eliminate all the ambiguities.

 Here are some ideas for funeral flowers you might like:


 1) Decent Floor Bouquets

 This floral arrangement comprises flowers and greenery. You can send these to your friends and family to show your love for the deceased soul. These can be utilized to decorate funeral pathways. Pink carnations with greenery would make a sober choice for floor bouquets.


 2) Garlands and Wreaths

Garlands and Wreaths are purchased for funerals. Most people send them to express their condolences to grieved families. You may use freesia or roses for wreaths. Create it in any shape, but round is most preferable, and hang them at the funeral.

Garlands are created long like ropes, which can be hung above a casket or used to cover the coffin with garlands.


3) Floral Arrangements for Table

Send plants or vases to express sympathy to the deceased's family. Opt for small vases and small blooms to beautify the table's floral arrangement. White Classic would be an ideal option for table arrangements.


4) Floral Baskets

Send floral baskets to the grieved family when you cannot attend the funeral. It signifies that your sympathies are with them and you in this challenging time. Floral Baskets should be small, and a combination of white Classic and Isles of Scilly Agapanthus would be an ideal choice.


5) Floral Hearts for Funeral

It is a unique way to show your love and thoughts to family and close ones. Use white, red or pink flowers for this floral arrangement. These are perfect for church ceremonies, gravesites, and near the casket. You can place it in front of the coffin because it comes with a stand. The floral heart arrangement varies from person to person and has a special message for the deceased.


6) Floral Pillows for Funeral

This floral arrangement resembles a pillow. Present this to anyone because it symbolizes comfort and peace. The essentials for this arrangement are: a carpet made up of chrstanths and place flowers on top of it. You may put foliage to enhance the overall look. Add ribbons if you want to make it more creative. The styles could be traditional or contemporary, depending on your taste.


7) A special floral arrangement for family and loved ones

A casket blanket is a lovely floral arrangement for your mother, father, and granddad. This shows the pure love and affection you want to express, as these relations always reflect compassion and warmth. All you need is fabric and flowers. The bases of flowers should be made up of burlap and use a wire to attach them. Make sure that it must cover the casket from all sides.


You may consume Alstroemeria, carnations and lilies for a casket blanket if you plan to create one for your mother. The flowers can be arranged accordingly, like a feminine touch for the mother or grandmother, and the floral design would be a bit different for the father or granddad.


8) Floral Seeds

It may sound bizarre, but it is best to send flower seeds to family and friends mourning their loved ones. The family will plant these seeds on a deceased person's grave, and as they grow, they will be a memory of their loved ones. You can send a customized card with seeds to express your thoughts and love for the departed soul.


Wrap Up

Flowers for funerals needed to be as sober as possible. Some people become confused while selecting the right flowers; this guide will help you throughout your flower selection for funerals.

Author - Stephen Crowther

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