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Artistic Garden creating Natural Love Blossoms

Artistic Garden creating Natural Love Blossoms

Flowers are a kind of big thing. They are the constant, faithful presence of some of the greatest moments of life and the most challenging trials. At the same time, they are a simple concept and a complex global industry.

Flowers have inspired artists, scientists, and many others for centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that flowers have carved their corner in the blogosphere.

Guernsey Flowers by Post

As we know, there's a saying *All you need is love and a flower shop* it might be true when" Guernsey Flowers by Post" is here to make your day beautiful and full of enchanting fragrances.

We create the most impressive displays through the freshest and finest collection of flowers. We have made our name in private and the corporate community by surprising our clients through exceptional florist services.

Let's explore our Breathtaking Flowers Collection.

The diverse range of Floral Bouquets

Guernsey Flowers by Post shares excellent types of single & mixed coloured flower bouquets, which seems quite appealing to the eyes.

1-Flowers Bouquets

Guernsey Alstroemeria

The beautiful Guernsey Alstroemeria is a long-lasting Peruvian Lily bouquet with colourful divine petals.

Scilly Pink

The Scilly mixed pinks are the beautiful creation of isles, creating magic through their scented flowers and giving beautiful sight.

Mixed Carnation

One of the most favourite bouquets is the mixed carnation, with a combination of different coloured flowers.

Bright Coloured Bouquets

The evergreen, bright-coloured bouquets could be a perfect gift for a special occasion. The multi-flowered bouquets contain carnations and scented freesias.

Alderney Bouquets

The country-style bouquets will refresh your mood through the essence of lily and freesias

Indian Summer Bouquets

The sunny bouquets inspire Indian culture, thus consisting of yellow flowers representing summer vibes.

Classic White Bouquets

The elegant white bouquets will be a gracious gift for your loved ones.

2-Hot Selling Freesias bouquets

Our freesias are hot selling product of Guernsey Flowers by Post. The long stem freesias will make your precious time more beautiful. We have a variety of freesias bouquets, including

Guernsey coloured Freesias

Luxury coloured long stem Freesias

Medium mixed Guernsey Freesias

Luxury mixed long stem Guernsey Freesias

3-Mixed Bouquets

The person who loves colours will adore our mixed bouquets collection, which includes

Colourful Bright Bouquets

Pink & White Bouquet

Fields of Guernsey Bouquets

French Country Bouquets

Classic white Bouquets

Pastel Bouquets

Alderney Bouquets

Indian summer bouquets


4-Birthday Freesia Gift

Every special day is incomplete without sweets. So, yes, to enhance the sweetness of your memorable day, we deliver chocolates with bouquets on your demand.

A pleasant fragrant bouquet, a box of chocolate, and a handwritten love note will be enough to make your loved one happy.  

We Know the Value of Flower

Whether it's Valentine's Day or Birthday, a wedding day or an unfortunate funeral, a celebration of friendship or having a romantic time with love, a family reunion or a cultural festival, all become peculiar and momentous with Flowers by Guernsey Flowers by Post. However, flowers given for no apparent reason are in their group. 

If you give to someone who does not expect a beautiful bouquet, they will not expect it. This little thing makes giving flowers just the most special. You will enjoy providing unique bouquets, as your recipient feels welcome. And every time they see your celestial and fragrant flowers, they will remember you. It enhances the glory of any occasion with its lovely enchanted fragrances that add value to it.

Cutting Fresh Flowers

Guernsey flowers by post believe in quality work. Therefore, we always take extra care while picking flowers. The fresh and sweet smelled flowers are added to our bucket. We usually cut the long stem flowers as they are eye catchy and have more life and added value to the bouquets.

Before delivery, we make sure to pack flowers in such a way as to keep their fragrance long-lasting. After receiving your beautiful bouquets, it is better to keep the flowers in a vase full of fresh water to keep them alive for a more extended period.


Option of Customisation has been given to customers to let them decide the choice for flowers and choose a bouquet of their own choosing on their special day. Whether you want a single-flowered bouquet or you prefer the rainbow one, we are here to fulfil your desire.

We also arrange bouquets in bulk on short notice for an event. 


Wrap Up

Every occasion is considered futile without being embellished with beautiful flowers. Flowers shares deep emotional connections from person to person and event to event. Giving someone flowers make them feel appreciated and shows that you remember a historic date, such as a birthday or anniversary, or a thought—shop high-quality flower bouquets from Guernsey Flowers by Post. Whether you wish to express your love, grief, apology, or confession to someone, flowers always win.

Author - Stephen Crowther

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