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A Comprehensive Guide About Flower Bouquets of Guernsey Flowers by Post

A Comprehensive Guide About Flower Bouquets of Guernsey Flowers by Post

Guernsey has a wide variety of flowers in bouquets, and once you are satisfied with them, you can keep them at home with proper care. We always try to facilitate our customers, so we have written a complete guide on our fresh flowers. 

If you get confused about your purchase, you can look at this exciting guide before purchasing. It is helpful for everyone, especially those who love flowers and want to know every detail of their purchase. Fresh flowers include:

1) Carnations

2) Alstroemeria

3) Freesias

1) Carnations (Dianthus Caryophyllus)

Carnations are also known as grenadine or clove pink. It is most commonly used in the floral industry due to its fringe-petaled flowers and sharp fragrance. Carnations come in different colors, and each color has its specific meaning.



  • Pink carnations represent appreciation

  • White carnations represent purity

  • Red carnations symbolize love and passion

  • Purple carnations represent capriciousness


Carnations are most extensively used in floral arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres. In earlier times, carnations were used as a cure for fevers. You can change the color of the carnations. Isn't it sound amazing? Add white carnations into food coloring and water, and you'll have a different carnation.


Carnation's Floral Arrangements

This floral arrangement is fascinating and does not require much time or energy. Trim down the stems of the flowers and use a round bubble vase to display the beautiful flower arrangements.



1) fresh carnations

2) floral shears

3) bubble vase


How to Prepare Carnations?

Trim down the flower stems from looking slightly taller than the vase. Use a pair of floral shears and cut at an angle for proper water intake. Remove leaves below the water line to enhance the beauty of the floral style. 


Take fresh carnations and place them in a water-filled vase. Make sure to trim flowers along the edges to maintain the domed shape. The carnation arrangement is best for a centerpiece. 


Care & Tips

Carnations can last for days and weeks and do not require more effort to keep them fresh. Just change water for 4-5 days and hydrate them frequently. Don't place them in direct exposure to sun or heat. Let's grab a beautiful bouquet of mixed carnations from Guernsey to brighten your day. 


2) Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is also called Peruvian Lily and Lily of the Incas. It is famous for its lively and vibrant summer blooms. It is the most favorite flower during summers. The flowers contain red, purple, pink, orange, and yellow, as well as softer shades of pink and white. 


Alstroemeria is famous for cutting flowers for their longevity and being worthy of flower arrangements. It is a symbol of friendship and makes the best gift for your friends. Alstroemeria is a perfect choice for weddings because it comes in different colors except for blue and green and can be arranged more creatively.


Interesting Facts about Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a sign of honor, majesty, and grace. All the six petals of Alstroemeria have a specific meaning: Understanding, humor, patience, empathy, commitment, and respect. These are specifically 30th wedding anniversary flowers that represent devotion.


Floral Arrangement

  • Use odd numbers of stems for a stunning design.

  • Always arrange Alstroemeria first and then add other flowers.

  • Place smaller Alstroemeria at the top and more prominent at the bottom to give it a balanced look.


Care & Tips

  • Water them and trim the stems as you receive them.

  • Alstroemeria loves a little light, so place them where there is greater sunlight in the morning and the lighter shade on the last day.

  • Avoid overwatering because it could rot the roots.

  • Don't overthink if you want to make your friends or loved ones happy; get these Guernsey Alstroemeria flowers.


3) Freesias

Freesias are fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers. They are essential to the floral industry. Its other species are grown for ornamental purposes. Freesias have a distinct appearance, from roots to sword-shaped leaves. They are sweet-scented and resemble strawberries or summer fruits. 


In earlier times, Freesias were considered symbols of trust between two people, which still has the same meaning. Freesias are most commonly used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces.


 Meanings behind Different Colors of Freesias:

 1- Red freesias represent passion

 2- Yellow freesias represent joy

 3-Pink freesias represent motherly love

 4-White freesias represent purity and innocence


Floral Arrangements of Freesia

1) Take a 30cm tall vase with a broader base than its neck. It gives a beautiful look to floral arrangements. Mini vases or jam jars are also perfect.

2) Trimming stems is essential because it helps in faster rehydration. The tallest groups should be trimmed 3-5cm; middle groups should be cut 6-10cm, and smaller groups 11-15cm. Choose an eye-catching flower and arrange other flowers of different heights and shapes around it.

3) Make a crisscross arrangement of stems to give it a professional look.


Care & Tips

1) Wash your vase before putting Freesias in it. The dust and bacteria can hinder the growth of Freesias.

2) Fill the vase with ¾ of water. Please keep it to one side until it reaches room temperature. Freesia likes warmer temperatures than cold.

3) Add flower food because it is essential for flowers and gives them the energy to bloom.

4) Trim the stems with clean shears before putting them in the vase and check them often.


If this is your anniversary month and you want to give a fantastic gift to your partner, buy these Guernsey Mixed Freesias or Medium Mixed Guernsey Freesias.


Wrap Up

Guernsey Flowers by post is trying their best to add value to your life through their fresh flower bouquets. Now with these details mentioned above, you can’t skip the freshness of flowers instantly.

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