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9 Creative Ideas to Wrap Fresh Flowers

9 Creative Ideas to Wrap Fresh Flowers

Wrapping fresh flowers is an art in itself. A bouquet says a lot about feelings and emotions and should be arranged with love. Yes! You must be a bit more creative to capture your loved ones' attention. Guernsey Flowers by post has bought some creative ways to wrap fresh flower bouquets for those who love something different and want to present it to someone uniquely.


1) Country Style Bouquets

Seasonal flowers like Guernsey Alstroemeria are wrapped in a country-style bouquet while delivered to the customers. In this style, flowers with foliage are packed in fabric and styled with a bow. The fabric is a little dumped to keep flowers fresh for extended periods.


2) With Newspaper and Yarn

If you have no wrapping sheets, you can wrap fresh flowers in newspaper with yarn or use a lovely ribbon. Firstly, put the flowers inside the newspaper carefully; the bottom edge of the newspaper should be folded to keep it in line with or above the floral stem. 


Start wrapping from the left, then to the right side; up to the top, and wrap it with yarn or ribbon. You have to do it twice to make it firm and eye-catching.


3) Wrap with Tissue Papers, Cellophane, and Ribbon

If you don't have any other option and want to try something with the things available at your home, you can go for this method. The essentials required for wrapping are; a sheet of tissue paper and cellophane. 


Set the tissue paper on the cellophane and place flowers so that the top must be above the corner of the tissue. There is no need to fold the bottom edge as mentioned above due to its rectangular shape. Follow the same pattern, wrap it firmly from the left, then right side, up to the top, and then wrap it with ribbon or yarn.


4) Wrapping Fresh Flowers with String

It is the simplest yet attractive method and does not consume much of your time and energy. If you are in a hurry, you can apply this method. First and foremost, bind all the stems of Fields of Guernsey Bouquet together with the help of a rubber band. Fasten a loop into the string before wrapping it over the stems of the flower. Knot the string or colored ribbon in a bow when the stems have been wrapped entirely to the focal point.


5) Beautiful Burlap Wrap

It is the most fascinating and fantastic method to wrap flowers. Start by binding the flowers together with a rubber band. Place the bottom half on top of the burlap roll, and roll it like a burrito. The excess burlap must be cut off after one roll, and then knot a bow around the burlap with raffia.


6) Wrap with Washi Tape

The most arduous task is to choose the pattern of washi tape, but it is pretty simple. Start wrapping a wide roll of washi tape around the flower stems or use a cardboard toilet paper tube and wrap it around with tape, then insert the stems into the tube. If the tape is thin, wrap it several times to form a solid pattern. This is a perfect wrap for a small bouquet with a few blooms.


7) Special Box

Guernsey Flowers by post ensures to deliver flowers to their clients in the best condition. If you want to gift those bouquets to your loved ones, they will wrap fresh flowers bouquets like Mixed Colorful Carnation in a specially designed box with a customized name to make their day memorable.


8) Pretty Polka Dot Wrap

If you are obsessed with polka dots, this is the best method to go with your flower bouquet. It requires time and a lot of your energy because ink drying takes time. Take craft paper and cut it into a rectangular shape. Use an unused pencil for smaller dots; dab it in ink, and dot your paper. Use the lid of an old ChapStick for bigger dots. 


Try to maintain spacing among the dots and carefully dot the paper. You have to be a little patient to let the dry ink overnight. Once it is dry, you can position the flowers and wrap them.


9) Exposed Stems in Paper and Floral Wrapping Paper

Opt for the type of paper you want to use. A brown craft plain paper is always the best option to grab attention.: If you are wrapping a small flower, you may use pages from the old book, newspaper, colored tissue paper that matches the bouquet or flower, and sheets of music. Secure the middle of the stem with a rubber band to keep them inside the paper. Place the flowers on the paper in the direction of the rubber band. Make sure that the flowers should cover the paper correctly. Fold the paper in half. It gives a cone-like shape to bouquets. It is essential to secure paper with double-sided tape. It is up to you to use a string or twine. To give it a finishing touch, wrap a bow at the base of the bouquet.


Simple Yet Wise Tricks for fresh Flowers

Follow these simple tips to keep flowers fresh if you don't want to let them wilt before wrapping

1) You must be extra careful about the fresh flower's longevity. Cut the stems with buds diagonally and put them in some water.

2) Take a damp paper towel and layer it with plastic wraps an inch longer than the stem on all sides. The moist towel should be secured at the bottom of the bouquet before wrapping.

3) You can use a rubber band if plastic wrap is unavailable at home.


Wrap Up 

Not flowers but creative ideas behind their packaging can create another wholesome level. Guernsey Flowers by post is doing their best to bring creativity and happiness to gather in your and your loved one's life.

Author - Stephen Crowther

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