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The Shrewsbury Flower Show: Interesting Lecture Marquee Events for 2022

The Shrewsbury Flower Show: Interesting Lecture Marquee Events for 2022

Flowers have become part of our lives. In some societies, flowers are believed to be essential for every occasion. Some people truly appreciate and celebrate the existence of flowers every year. Flower shows and exhibitions are organized every year in different seasons to value the worth and significance of flowers. England is one country where people have admired beauty for almost 200 years. The issues regarding flowers and gardening are discussed with great enthusiasm, and florists' concerns are heard to make it possible to flourish the floral industry. 

If you are obsessed with flowers and want to find out more about gardening, you should discover more about these shows. The best way to get information about these shows is to read the florist blogs and news. As one of the famous florists in the UK, Guernsey Flowers by Post has a chapter of Flower Blogs regarding fresh flowers; read them and enhance your knowledge bout flowers. Without ado, let's start the article with some informative knowledge about flower events organized annually.


Popular Flower Shows in the UK


1)   National Flower Show 

This is organized every year in May at Hyland’s House. It is one of the largest flower shows and features various plants and flowers. You can be a part of knowledgeable workshops and engage in gardening discussions. You can enjoy this with your family and friends. A wholesome show for families to spend some quality time. Last but not least, try the scrumptious meal specially prepared for this event. Mark Friday 19th - Sunday 21st May 2023 in your calendar, and don't miss out on this event.


2) Blenheim Palace Show

It is a three-day event that presents appetizing meals, conversations with guest celebrities, and unique ideas for indoor and outdoor flowers. At the heart of the event is the Grand Floral Pavilion, which displays a unique and varied collection of flowers that you won't be able to explore in any local garden center. You can buy from these nurseries and get proper tips from gardeners and florists about them. The area is so filled with fragrances and vibrant blooms that it attracts visitors so much that they eagerly await this event.


Remember the date for the upcoming show: Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th June 2023


3) Shrewsbury Flower Show 

It is one of the popular shows that captivate the attention of all the people of England. It is a two-day event organized annually in mid-August at The Quarry, the famous park in the town of Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire, England. The Shropshire Horticultural Society has arranged this event. A colorful ambiance and entertaining activities make it a successful event. In 2005, the Guinness Book of Records highlighted it as the ''longest-running show" in the world. Apart from flowers and plants, you can enjoy pleasant music, delicious food, and fireworks. After reading this, you must be excited about this event.

 Keep a reminder of this exciting event: Friday 12th - Saturday 13th August 2022


4) Chorley Flower Show

The Chorley Flower Show will turn Astley Park into colorful heaven in the upcoming months. Numerous florists and gardening experts reveal some interesting facts and tips. The local competitors, traders, and florists get a chance to show their unique collections and work. A perfect event for family 

picnic to enjoy music, food, and entertaining activities for kids. 

Get ready to explore more about this event on 29, 30, and 31 July 2022 


5) RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Event

It is also considered one of the largest flower shows. It would be more accurate to call it a ‘garden event’ than a flower show. The day starts with showcasing flowers and informative workshops about flowers and gardening. There you will see a duversw range of flowers ranging from lily to roses and so on.You can enjoy floral art and crafts, soothing music, and the Festival of Roses and Flowers marquee.


It will be held on 4th – 9th July 2022 at Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey.

6) RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

This event was held in Tatton Park Knut ford in Cheshire. It engages the community through a colorful floral marquee, the plant village, and is eye-catching.

It is famous for the RHS Young Designer of the Year competition and aspiring horticulturalists. The other amusing activities include workshops, music, and abundant food and drink varieties.

Mark calendar for this event: 20th – 24th July 2022

7) RHS Chelsea Flower Festival 

The well-known flower shows are organized annually, and it is estimated that about 150,000 people attend this event every year. It is arranged at the Royal Chelsea Hospital and presents flower shows and feasts in the Great Pavilion. The show focuses on new garden trends and creative styles and gives aspiring and experienced horticulturalists a chance to share their valuable floristry and garden experience. You can purchase plants, flowers, pots and everything related to it. 

Remember the dates for this amazing event: 22nd – 27th May 2023


Wrap Up

Flowers have charismatic essence and are soothing enough to heal your inner soul. If you are a flower lover, you must be aware of every character of flowers. And these flower shows could be a great source of knowledge for you. Go and enjoy the beauty and wisdom of fresh flowers. You will explore the world of flowers in those shows, which will have irreplaceable memories in your mind.


Author - Stephen Crowther

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