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House Flowers That Last Long | Picking The Best House Flowers

House Flowers That Last Long | Picking The Best House Flowers

Want to brighten up your home? Bring some fresh flowers with you. They will add pleasance to your life, making your home a heaven on earth.

Fresh flowers are considered the best gift for your loved ones, but it makes us saddened at the same time when we are aware of the short life span of these flowers. Always elect those flowers that have a more significant life period. 

There are many ways to increase these fresh flowers' life period. Guernsey Flowers by post has a great variety of fresh flowers that lasts long and provides detailed guidelines to keep them alive for an extended period.

Let's explore the flowers that have a more significant life span


Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lilly comes top of the list of fresh flowers with a longer life span. The beautiful clustered flowers come in different varieties of Bali, Candy, Fougera, Inca Ice, Indian summer, Princess Fabian, and others.

These exotic-coloured flowers are infamous due to their staple growth. The average stem grows more than 6-7 flowers, making the Alstroemeria a good choice for bouquets.

The hard-natured Alstroemeria requires moderate water and can live up to 2 weeks.

Care of Alstroemerias

Alstroemeria is an easy-to-grow plant and needs little care. After getting their bouquets, you can keep them fresh for a more extended period by following these instructions.


As mentioned above, the Alstroemeria requires moderate water; therefore, they change their water regularly to make their flowers fully bloom.


The Alstroemeria are fond of the sun and needs regular sun bath. Place them in a jar of fresh water in a sunny area, The 6-7 hrs. of morning sunlight is enough to make them live longer. Change their placement afternoon. More sunlight is guaranteed more freshness to these vibrant flowers.


Alstroemeria loves to have sunny feelings, but the warmer weather could harm their freshness. Keep them near the windows or shady areas after getting their morning light.

Also, don't place the vase of Alstroemeria near the vegetables and fruits as this flower releases ethylene gas, which is dangerous for health.


fertilisers are used to increase the growth of plants and fertilisers. As the alstroemerias are freshly cut, they don't need any fertilisers.



The versatile Carnation is the heartthrob of every bouquet. The frilly textured flowers have three types.

  • Single Flowered Carnation: One large flower per stem

  • Spray Carnations: Bulk of flowers on a single stem

  • Dwarf Flowers Carnation: Group of Tiny flowers on a single stem

Carnations are known as rainbow flowers due to their variety of coloured flowers, from Pink, dark red, light red, and green to striped, yellow, and purple.

These longer vase life flowers can live up to 3 weeks in a vase if cared for properly. Their longevity nature makes them the best choice of flowers among other breeds.

Care of Carnations

You have received a beautiful bouquet of Carnation and don't want to see it die instantly. Proper care can increase survival. Like Alstroemerias, carnations also need no complex care and remain fresh for longer.

A little care with the following steps can make them bloom longer:


Regular change of fresh water is essential for Carnation's freshness. Remove it instantly when you spot cloudy water and soak the stems after washing. Don't let the vase dry; otherwise, carnations will face wilting drastically. Cut the stems vertically and put them in a vase full of fresh water.

Sun Light

Carnations can get the required energy with 6-7 hrs. sunlight. You can place the vase near a window or any area with no direct sunlight.


Morning time temperature is suitable for their freshness. After that, you can keep them at room temperature. Also, never add too cool or too hot water to the vase as it can cause their death.


No cutting of flowers needs fertilisers as they can be harmful to flowers. Instead, you can add flowers and food to the vase. If you are out of flower food, there is no need to panic; add sugar and salt to the vase to keep your flowers fresh for a more extended period.


Regular pruning of dead leaves and flowers will enhance the beauty of carnations.


Chrysanthemum, the aromatic flower, is a popular choice for bouquet lovers.

Mums (another name for Chrysanthemum) are versatile and come in a variety of spider blooms, pompoms, spoons, single Chrysanthemum, and animus.

What makes them more appealing is their high range of colours. For example, you can select from orange, bronze, green, and gold to Pink, purple and subtle whites. 

Chrysanthemums, as all, can adjust your bouquets and make them more eye catchy.

The best thing about this vibrant-coloured Chrysanthemum is that it can survive up to 3 weeks in a vase. It means it is one of the best fresh flowers to be chosen.

Care of Chrysanthemum

Apart from other vessel-friendly flowers, Chrysanthemum needs little extra care as it is a pretty sensitive flower and wants your attention more than others.


Fresh water will act like oxygen for Chrysanthemum. Unwrap your Chrysanthemum bouquets, slightly cut the bottom of the stems, and put them in a clear vase full f fresh water.

Remember, regular change of water will assure the life of these flowers.

Sun Light 

Always avoid chrysanthemums from direct sunlight and keep them in shady areas. But the morning sunlight can act as a friend for Chrysanthemum.


As chrysanthemums are scared of scorching heat, the jar must be placed in more excellent areas like a room or Tv Lounge. The cool temperature will adjust the vase water temperature, thus promoting the blooming of Chrysanthemum.


Guernsey Flowers by post provides a wide range of fresh flowers, including chrysanthemums, carnations, and alstroemerias. This trio is considered best among others due to its excellent survival time. Also, the tips mentioned above can lower your burden of keeping flowers fresh for a long.

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