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Five Most Stunning Red And White Flowers For The Christmas Season

Five Most Stunning Red And White Flowers For The Christmas Season

Christmas, the most awaited holiday season of the year, is about to come, and these winter nights are all about sweet delights, Santa sights and beautiful flowers.

Flowers are a great way to express your feelings as they have a lasting impact; that's why you would see the floral arrangement at most Christmas parties, whether at home or in Churches. Nothing beats the joy these festive beauties wrapped in shimmering foil bring to any person and party. Most people prefer decorating their homes on Christmas Eve with festive flowers to enhance the holiday spirit. On the other hand, flowers are the best gift to give to family and friends at family gatherings. However, bringing the right flowers for the right occasion has always been a confusing task. 

So, here we have sorted this issue with some famous winter-blooming Christmas-themed red and white flowers that you can use to decorate your home for Christmas or send as a gift to your loved ones.  

Freesia Flowers

Christmas is known for charming hues, delicate scents and spreading holiday cheer, and the easiest way to spread joy and purity is by keeping some freesia flowers bright and near. Hence bring liveliness and happiness to your house by decking it up with these festive beauties this holiday season. Freesia is also pretty famous as a decorative plant as it sets the mood according to the occasion. Christmas is all about sophistication and happiness, so a bouquet of vibrant red and white freesia flowers in your planters will surely take your Christmas décor to new heights. 

The flower is known for its gentle and sweet fragrance and lasting impact, so you will not need fake fragrances if you add some freesias to your home decor.

Freesia flowers symbolize innocence and trust; that's why they are widely used as friendship flowers. So, if you are looking for ideas about what kind of flower to send to your friends and close acquaintances this Christmas season, then Freesia is the one you should choose.

Poinsettia Flower

Dauntlessly, the poinsettia is the ultimate Christmas flower, widely used in the floral arrangements of Christmas events and churches. Poinsettia is traditionally associated with the holy event and is the most popular Christmas flower. The stunning white and red poinsettia sets the joyful vibe of the season and is used worldwide as a common symbol and staple of the holiday season. The shape of the poinsettia flower symbolizes the Bethlehem star, and its bright red hue represents Christ's blood, making it a real Christmas gift. 

The best way to decorate your house with poinsettia flowers is to pot them blooming in the decorative planter. These flowers are also famous because they can last almost all the winter season as far as the soil is moist properly; they are also low-maintenance flowers and require a warm place with indirect sunlight. So, the poinsettia is certainly the best choice for the great season. 

LongiFlorum or Christmas Lilies 

Longiflorum lilies, also known by many other names like November lilies, and Easter or Christmas lilies, are fragrant flowers grown in southern Japan and Taiwan.

Christmas lilies are certainly the nicest present you can offer to your friends and families on Christmas, as they smell heavenly and are long-lasting. White lilies represent purity and modesty, which makes it a great choice for Christmas as the holy event is all about purity and modesty. And if you opt for decking out your house with these festive beauties, then we ensure that the exquisite scent of these white blooming trumpets will fill your house with an alluring fragrance. You can also pair these stunning flowers with red roses to spread the joyful spirit of the holiday season.

Hence let’s end the wait and fill your vase with a blooming bouquet of Christmas lilies, and also don't forget to send it to your loved ones.  

White and Red Carnations

Carnations are divine flowers, also known as heavenly flowers in Greek. Be it a wedding, birthday, Christmas or any other event, Carnations are the go-to flowers for any occasion because of their huge variety of colours and appearance. These beauties symbolize love, friendship, affection and admiration, making them fit almost all situations. Carnations are also known for healing and treating various physical ailments; we don't know how true that is, but the blooming flower surely has calming effects. An assorted bouquet of red and white carnations set in a crystal vase on Christmas Eve will bring joy to the overall ambience and positively impact your guests. 

Sumptuous Red and White Rose

Well, if you ask anyone what the classic Christmas flower is, you would hardly get any other answer than the Rose. Although there is no specific time or event for roses, a bouquet of red and white roses is classic for Christmas. Roses are undoubtedly one of the oldest flowers on earth and are widely used as a gesture of appreciation, love, and passion by everyone around the globe. Even those who don't know much about flowers would know about roses as they are highly admired worldwide. These fresh, vibrant, beautiful flowers are known for lifting the holiday spirit; hence, nothing can be a better gift for Christmas than a planter filled with white and red roses.

Rounding up

Everyone wants their Christmas party or Christmas present to be wow-worthy and unforgettable, and the only thing that makes a lasting impact on the guests is the great floral arrangement. So, decking your home out with these festive beauties will make your Christmas Eve mesmerizing and memorable. And even presenting these beautiful flowers as a token of love to your friends and families will make them believe they are loved.  

Author - Stephen Crowther

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