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9 Tips for Choosing the Right Fresh Flowers for your Event

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Fresh Flowers for your Event

Flowers are a great source of expressing your love without saying a word. Every occasion is incomplete without Flower's presence. But most people become clueless when it's time to choose the right Flower for a specific event. Picking the right Flower according to the day will maximize the happiness of your loved ones.


There are no hard and fast rules to selecting a specific flower for a particular occasion, but the proper selection will remove the confusion. In this era of digitalization, online flower shops have made flower selection an easy process. Guernsey Flowers by post is making our life easy by delivering a diverse variety of fresh flowers all around the UK. You have to choose your favorite flowers, and they will surprise you with their fantastic service.


Here we are revealing tips for choosing the right flowers for your event; let's dive into it.


1- Valentine's Day Flowers

It is a special day to show love to your lover. Roses represent emotions of love and passion. It's up to you; either you want to show love with a single flower or make your day special through a large bouquet of lovely flowers. Although valentine's day is considered the day of red roses, you can make it enjoyable through some other Fresh flowers like tulips, hyacinths, orchids, and carnations that show the same lovely feelings as red roses.


Guernsey Flowers by post is here with its high-demanding Isles of Scilly Mixed Pinks, a combination of beautiful pink and red roses, to brighten up your day.


2- Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's Day is one of the most prestigious days for a woman and must be celebrated by her children, and it is incomplete without a perfect flowers bouquet. Fresh Flowers should be vibrant and sweet-smelling so that the fragrance of flowers can last longer for a few days.


We have the Bright color bouquets, a perfect choice for a colorful bouquet that includes carnations and roses with chrysanthemums, lilies, and gerbera daisies, which will make your mother happy and cherished.


3- Congratulations Flowers

There are different flowers for different occasions such as graduation, a new job, passing exams, or a new home. It is essential to keep the time of the year and the recipient's taste in mind. 

If you celebrate someone's success with them, you add value to their life. A bouquet of Luxury Coloured Long Stem Freesias could be the best choice as a congratulations present. On the other side, Roses, irises, sunflowers, Peruvian lilies, heather, orchids, and tulips can make a bright and fragrant bouquet for their special day.


4) New Born Baby Flowers

Fresh blooming flowers represent the beginning of new life. They are one of the pleasant gifts to wish new parents on their new journey. Choosing flowers according to gender could maximize happiness.


Guernsey Flowers by post has perfect colored bouquets of Mixed Carnation & Guernsey Freesias for girls and boys gender respectively.


5) Engagement Flowers

It is a day to celebrate two people's love. A beautiful bouquet is best for a new couple. Always opt for flowers that suit the couple's personality. 


Guernsey Mixed Freesias would be better for big personality couples, and daisies and yellow carnations like Indian Summer Bouquets for jolly couples.


6) Birthday Flowers

So many other things can be presented as birthday gifts, but flowers have their essence. There are various methods to find flowers for your loved ones.


We have a fantastic deal of Birthday Freesias Gift, including beautiful freesias stems, a lovely birthday card, and a delicious box of Belgian chocolates. Doesn't it look fabulous? Flowers with chocolates will be enough to make the birthday boy/girl day.


7) Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary is a day of celebration for a couple because they have completed another milestone of their togetherness. It must be celebrated to make their day memorable.


Although flowers must be according to anniversary years, the fantastic Fields of Guernsey Bouquets of Guernsey Flowers by post is an evergreen Fresh Flower bouquets for anniversaries.


8) Thank you, Flowers

Flowers can be given to someone to express gratitude. Choose the type and color of flowers according to the recipient's taste. Sweet peas are for good times, hydrangeas for being understanding, and chrysanthemums for being a great friend.


If you are confusing in flower’s selection, you can select Pastel bouquets as an all-rounder gift.


9) Funeral Flowers

The demise of their loved one makes people heartbroken. Although life and death are written, and we can't fill the gap of someone in their relatives' lives, we can console them by showing our sympathy towards them.


White flowers are a symbol of grief and sympathy; it is known as the blessing of God so that you can give Classic white Bouquets at the funeral of your loved one.


Benefits of choosing the right flowers on a specific occasion

If you are selecting right flower for the occasion, you are adding following benefits in your loved one’s life


  1. Flowers represent different emotions and sentiments, so it is essential to opt for flowers accordingly.


  1. It promotes a sense of love and affection.


  1. It develops a sense of understanding.


  1. It creates a strong and friendly relationship between recipient and giver.


  1. Flowers help in eliminating anxiety. The fresh fragrance and vibrant colors of flowers signal the brain to release beta-endorphins, which are responsible for fighting tension. Some species of flowers like freesias remove toxins from the air and relax the mind and body. Decorating a room with flowers fills it with calm and soothing vibes.


  1. It is evident from specific studies that women remember the floral gifts they received last time. It makes your day unique, and the vibrant colors of flowers make the day more memorable.



Flowers symbolize love, respect, honor, humility, sympathy, care, and gratitude. We have been giving flowers as a present for years, and it is essential to know which flowers are suitable for different occasions. Guernsey Flowers by post is making efforts to make your days memorable with their Fresh Flowers collection.

Grab this opportunity ASAP, visit the store and enjoy your day!

Author - Stephen Crowther

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